Summer Inspiration

People might not always think about going to the sauna in temperatures of 30°C or more. So let’s give them some incentives for the amazingly refreshing experiences that await them. 

Summertime Madness 

Round 1: Grapefruit 
Round 2: Green Mandarin
Round 3: Cardamom 

This session almost bounces out of your sauna with green playfulness. The lively, sparkling scent of Grapefruit adds the pure joy of citrus scents. 
Green Mandarin takes the session to some mysterious depth. You build on the citrus notes but add a tangy, slightly bitter interesting layer while provoking a waft of soft floral sweetness. And there is no play without a bit of spice. Cardamom explores all the scent notes. It has a touch of citrus, mint, wood and spices but most importantly it’s stimulating and fun. 

Turn that frown upside down

Round 1: Frankincense
Round 2: Himalaya Cedar
Round 3: Clary sage
Round 4: Bergamot

For some people, summer is not all fun and games. They even feel mildly depressed. Increased general chronic pain, higher cortisol levels, anxiety, heart palpitations, tiredness, nausea and dizziness are part of their summer experience. 

As Loylymasters leave no man behind, let’s support these people and show them a relaxing and strengthening session. They’ll find courage, pain relief and finally some silver linings in your sauna session.


Round 1: Camphor Smoke Box
Round 2: Niaouli
Round 3: Wild Mint
Round 4: Eucalyptus citriodora

Niaouli reminds us of eucalyptus. It’s cooling, stimulating and a huge support for our airways and immune system. It builds the perfect bridge between camphor and a refreshing green citrus scent. Eucalyptus citriodora adds to the tonic for the lungs, the cooling and refreshing sensation but lifts the blend with the bright lemon notes. A little bonus, there will be no mosquitoes in miles. 

Gentle Skincare 

  1. Yellow clay​

  2. Bergamot mint Hydrosol 

  3. Avocado oil 

  4. Fresh mint leaves 

During summer our skin produces more sebum and sweat, creating the perfect environment for bacterial growth. So cleansing is crucial, but adjusting to a softer grain is necessary. We need to protect the top layer of the skin, so we don’t increase sensitivity to sunlight. 

Yellow clay will transform sensitive and dull skin into a radiating, fresh and bright complexion. It’s cleansing and it tightens the pores for an anti-aging effect. Use yellow clay during summer because it calms irritated skin. 

Bergamotmint hydrosol is calming and refreshing. The scent is a perfect fit for summer. 

Avocado oil hydrates the skin with an extra vitamin E boost. It’s highly regenerating and penetrates quickly into the skin. 

Some fresh mint leaves in your presentation is a treat for both eyes and nose. 

Enjoy your summer sessions!

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