Lime, coldpressed - 250ml

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Volume: 250ml, 250ml
Scent Group: Citrus, Citrus

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The lime essential oil from Aromen comes from the evergreen sapling originating from South Asia. Now cultivated mainly in Mexico and South Florida, its bright green fruits are the primary source of lime essential oil. It’s a fleeting top note, so the oil is best combined with other essential oils, like neroli or lemongrass. In a diffuser, lime is exceptional in soothing cramps. Plus, it has anti-bacterial qualities and strengthens the immune system. The fresh fragrance helps to reduce depressive feelings. Lime has a cooling effect on the skin, stimulating blood circulation in the epidermis. The lime, cold-pressed, essential oil from Aromen is 100% pure. • Antispasmodic • Cooling • Improves immune system