Rosemary - 5l (BIO)

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Floral water, also called hydrosols or hydrolats, is the aromatic water that remains after the steaming of plant material. It contains the water-soluble aromatic and therapeutic properties of the plant. It can be used internally, added to your favorite drink, or for cosmetic purposes such as skin tonic, added in exfoliators, or clay masks The floral water of rosemary smells similar to the essential oil but is more subtle. It is mainly known for its stimulating effect on the blood circulation and is therefore loved as a tonic. Use: Apply to the skin to firm skin. Apply to the scalp to stimulate hair growth, and prevent hair from becoming oily. Use in an invigorated foot bath. • Botanical name: Aqua Rosmarinus Officinalis • Origin: France • Part of the plant: flower • Extraction method: Steam • Cultivation method: Organic *organic certified by Certisys Belgium BE-BIO-01