It’s not always easy to offer a guest a massage that matches their needs. Therefore, we’ve designed a massage concept based on aromatherapy and personality types. A personalised experience where scent, mood, mind and body collides.

With the Aromen Signature Massage, you offer a personal experience that moves with the client

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Based on our usual colour codes, we have composed personality types, which we then translated into personality cards with matching aromatherapy blends.

Everyone is a sum of different character traits that are expressed differently each time. Using these cards, we can discover what massage best fits the client’s mood at that particular moment.

How Does It Work?

Step 1.

Your client chooses 3 of the 6 personality cards that best describe their mood at that moment

Step 2.

Your client smells our selection of aromatic blends that match the chosen cards. He or she chooses the fragrance that most appeals to them.

Step 3.

After the guest has chosen his or her personality card with a matching blend, the massage therapist can use our guidelines to provide a tailor-made massage.

Our Signature Massages

Aromen Floral Massage


A balancing massage that surrounds you with luxurious, floral scents, including jasmine, rhododendron and geranium.

Aromen Citrus Massage


A rhythmic massage with fresh citrus scents such as orange, lemongrass and bergamot mint that supports your natural spirit and energy.

Aromen Herbal Massage


An invigorating massage with stimulating, herbal fragrances such as lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus and peppermint that balances and harmonises your energy levels.

Aromen WoodyMassage


A soothing massage that brings you back in touch with the power of nature using rich and stimulating woody fragrances such as cedar, balsam fir and siam wood.

Aromen Spicy Massage


A deeply relaxing massage with a warming character through the use of wholesome spices, including cardamom, black pepper and ginger.

Aromen Earthy Massage


A supportive massage with aromatic and rich, resinous fragrances, such as frankincense, patchouli, and copal to ground yourself.

What do you need?

Carrier Oils

Almond Oil

Use sweet almond oil to create a massage oil for the body. 

Sweet almond is one of the best carrier oils when it comes to regenerating skin cells, reducing puffiness and acne, and nourishing the dry skin. The almond oil feels light on the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling.

Rejuvenating  |  Hydrates dry skin  |  Nourishing and light

Aromen Sweet Almond Carrier Oil
Aromen Apricot Carrier Oil
Apricot Oil

Use apricot oil to create a massage oil for the face. Also suitable for people with a nut allergy.  

The rich qualities of apricot help your skin to calm and relax, and to improve your skin tone. Its nutrients reach into the lipid layer of your skin, restoring its natural balance and leaving it supple and soothed.

Improves skin tone  |  Restores balance  |  Soothing and calming

Personality Blends

Floral blend

A 100% pure essential oil blend of sweet rhododendron, vivid geranium and delicate jasmine. A sweet and light blend for a blossoming massage.

Citrus blend

A 100% pure blend of essential oils with blissful lime, indulgent orange, and fresh bergamot mint. A fruity blend for an energizing experience.

Herbal blend

A 100% pure essential oil blend of sweet peppermint, cooling eucalyptus, rich rosemary and calming lavender. A stimulating blend for an invigorating moment of wellness.

Woody blend

A 100% pure blend of essential oils with fresh balsam fir, oriental siam wood, and evergreen cedar. A harmonious blend for a soothing massage.

Spicy blend

A 100% pure essential oil blend of earthy cardamom, fiery black pepper, and zesty ginger. A warming blend for a relaxing experience.

Earthy blend

A 100% pure blend of essential oils with fresh, aromatic frankincense, balsamic copal, and rich patchouli. A rich blend for a grounding moment of wellness.

Personality Deck & Guidelines

Our 6 personality cards are presented in an A6 folder. The cards have a fingerprint - and waterproof pattern for a luxurious feeling and durability.

Each deck comes with a guideline for the massage therapist with instructions on how to treat the personality types throughout the wellness experience. 

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