Winter Inspiration

During winter, we feel oneness and connection through ancient traditions and rituals. Our ancestry surrounds us. Nature shows us to look within, rest, and hibernate but also celebrate the magic part of life. Snow glistens like little diamonds, the evergreens providing us with hope, cold starry nights and cosy family gatherings. We come together around the fire and share our stories. Let’s celebrate this special time with delicious scents.

This winter, the scents are intense, gourmand, warm and earthy. 

Aufguss Sessions


the warmth of the sun in winter

There is no greater feeling than the wonderful rays of the sun touching your cold skin in winter. Amyris is the perfect partner for Cedarwood. Its sweet, warm scent supports the woody forest cedar sensation. Myrrh puts some warm depth into the experience, just like you can feel the sun’s warmth enter deep into your body. Finish with the warm hug of Peru balsam. It has a vanilla-like, sweet and warm aroma. It makes you feel comfortable, like a purring cat near the stove. 

Frosted pine

The sound of your footsteps on fresh snow. Taking deep breaths of that cold, crisp winter breeze. Feeling your blood flow with outdoor adventure. All that while comfortably warm in your sauna. 

Eucalyptus globulus opens up the airways and refreshes a stressed mind. It’s also great to support your airways. Clary sage has that fresh, herbaceous and yet earthy scent, transporting you into the forest. Scotch pine to almost feel the green needles of the trees. 

Silent Retreat

Invite your guests into your sauna with the delicious, warm and woody scent of the sacred wood. When they step through the smoke, they can turn their look inwards. This session invites stillness, relaxation, acceptance and pure love.

Golden everlasting has a warm, rich scent with some herbaceous, woody tones. The hint of honey seduces the nose to really give in to the experience of the senses. Jasmine adds a floral, warming and calming atmosphere. Inviting in a loving way to meditate and relax. 

As a last step, add Rose hydrosol to your water and pour it over the stove. The delicate but delicious aroma is a real treat to inhale while feeling the warmth of your towel movements. 
Your guests will leave the sauna with a mindful, loving heart. 

Warm surrender

Make it easy for your guests to surrender to the much needed rest and calmth they need during the winter time. 

The warm, relaxing scent of Gurjum Balsam wraps a warm blanket around your guests. These three ingredients all have a warming effect but in a very different way. Orange gives a spiritual warmth and joy to the heart. Black pepper brings inner heat by stirring up your passion. Gurjum balsam has this enveloping warmth and harmonizing, gentle scent Together this session will feel like a deep, warm rest and restore your energy. 

The three gifts - Healing mask

Other ingredients: 

How to prepare: 

  • Put your dry ingredients in the cup: red clay & ground frankincense. 
  • Pour over your hydrosol or infusion. Do not stir but let the clay absorb the fluids. 
  • Add honey and Myrrh essential oil. Stir until you have the paste you aimed for. 
  • Apply the mask on a moist and clean skin. 

Honey, frankincense and myrrh are well-known luxurious anti-ageing ingredients. They hydrate the skin, soften blemishes, add a golden glow of eternal youth and make us feel like kings & queens. 
Red clay is a great exfoliator, detoxing the skin from any impurities. Afterwards, the pores are tightened, and there is better blood flow. This results in a blush complexion and firm, youthful skin. 
Calendula herb is the number one for any skin problem. Any complexion will benefit from this herb. 
Rose hydrosol is the queen of flowers. The floral, delicate scent is an extra treat for your guests. 

If you desire an extra rich nourishment, you can always add a little amount of almond oil. 

Watch your guests flaunt when they leave your ritual with their new, regal glow. 

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