Spring Inspiration

The long wait for Spring is over. Green notes with a sparkly fresh touch of citrus are all we need to recreate the joy and abundance of nature. During Spring it is the ideal time to do a gentle detox and support your liver and gallbladder. 

The spirit of spring creates the perfect atmosphere for manifestation, growth and Joy! Let's celebrate with these sessions. 

Green freshness

Round 1: Cajeput
Round 2: Thyme
Round 3: Lemongrass 

Start strong with the fresh, camphorous but slightly fruity scent of Cajeput. It’s a strong boost for your immune system. Thyme adds a green, medicinal and herbal depth to the session. End with lemongrass to bring lightness to the sauna. 

Midnight mint

Let’s not forget to prepare our lungs for possible allergies or sinus issues.

Use this refreshing session to boost and clean the lungs.

Round 1: Eucalyptus globulus 

Round 2: Wild mint 

Round 3: Cold-pressed Lime essential oil 

Eucalyptus opens up the airways, making it possible to breathe deeper and slower.

Adding Wild mint in the second round will make your guests feel like they are walking barefoot in their herb garden. Freshly crushed green mint leaves on their hands. It’s a true-to-life scent experience.

The cold pressed lime essential oil adds the joy of adventure and the crisp cold of the spring grass at night.

It’s a gentle wake-up and balm for your lungs.. but above all a really fun nightly escape.

Spring boost 

  1. Rosemary hydrosol added to your water

  2. Marjoram

  3. Golden everlasting

Wake up your clients with a gentle but aromatic Rosemary hydrosol diluted in your water. Once you pour it on the stove there will be a delicious breeze of freshness stimulating healing for the liver. 

Marjoram is a perfect sweet, green heart note that calms the liver and relaxes the mind. 

Golden everlasting has a powerful way of supporting the lungs and liver. According to Chinese Medicine, this ‘sun gold’ herb activates the Chi or Life force. 

A powerful addition to this liver-supporting session can be this visualization. Place both hands on the liver. When you inhale, visualize a green, healing light entering and traveling through the liver. Green is the color associated to the liver. 

Bumble Bee Breathing 

  1. Place both index fingers on the cartilage between the jaw and the ear to close the ears. 

  2. Close your eyes and keep a gentle smile. 

  3. Inhale deeply and when you exhale, make a humming sound like a bee. 

  4. Repeat this exercise 7 times. 

This breathing exercise is an easy way to calm a stressful mind and find joy and happiness again. The power of humming lies in the vibration and has a powerful impact on both body and mind. It’s self-soothing but it also reduces blood pressure, lowers the heart rate and stimulates the production of our ‘love hormone’ oxytocin. Try it in the evening to sleep like a rose.

Once you see all the first spring herbs and flowers, your hands start itching to go harvest! Here are some great spring treats you can use to bathe your clients in natural luxury.


  • let your guests taste a raw magnolia leaf to experience an unexpected explosion of taste! Depending on the color, they may taste like cardamom, ginger or even citrus fruit.  

  • Make a powerful infusion of magnolia and pour it on the stove to spread a complex, feisty and floral scent. Spring will just walk into your sauna. 

  • Put crushed magnolia leaves and some lime wedges into a pitcher and let it steep in cold water for the night. Serve it as a refreshment after the sauna session. 

Magnolia’s Secret Mask 

1 cup of pink clay

1 to 2 cups of warm Magnolia infusion

a handful of crushed raspberries 

Once nicely mixed, add a little argan oil to perfect the texture of the mask. 

This treatment is the ultimate anti-oxidant, vitamin E, rejuvenating and soothing mask for springtime. Not to mention it looks and smells amazing. 

* When foraging, always make sure you know the local rules and that the plants aren't treated with chemicals. 

Enjoy your Spring Sessions! 

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