Autumn Inspiration

Sessions for Cocoon Bliss

Nature asks us to hit the pause button and to take a deep breath. Smell the wonderful earthy and woody scents surrounding us. Soak in the majestic sight of golden fluttering leaves and revel in the warming autumn sun. Indoors, we bathe in luxury and gourmand scents.

This season is all about cocooning and indulging yourself and your loved ones. Let’s explore some wonderful essential oils and botanicals to indulge the senses. 

Aufguss Sessions fit for Cocoon Heaven

Mystery forest

Welcome your guests to your mystery forest Aufguss with a lacy smoke of spruce resin, frankincense, juniper berry, oak leaves and angelica root. They will immediately feel the enclosed comfort of an ancient forest. Herbal, mystical resinous and warm woody scents surround them.

Your guests then enter a grassy sunbathing meadow, surrounded by herbs and pine trees as soon as they smell Vetiver. It has that distinct dry grass scent on a warm day. It has a bit of a citrusy note but mostly brings out the earthy sensation. 

Add Mountain Pine to strengthen that refreshing crisp fresh air scent. The balsamic undertone adds to the mystery. 

Let your guests discover the island in the forest with this dreamy Aufguss. 


Sunshine filtering through the trees. 

  • Round 1: Peru Balsam EO
  • Round 2: Ginger EO
  • Round 3: Petitgrain Mandarin EO

What would Komorebi smell like? The stillness of soft golden sun rays touching the ground in a beautiful tree pattern. 

Let’s capture this emotion by starting with Peru balsam. It has a warm, majestic, sweet and ambery resinous scent. It embodies the pleasant feeling of warm sun rays on your face, during the autumn cold. Peru Balsam warms the heart with its similar notes to vanilla, wood and cinnamon. 

Ginger brings out the playfulness of the shadow. Warm, spicy and slightly lemony. This strong scent adds some power to the aufguss.

Petigrain Mandarin has the same captivating effect as Komorebi. You want to experience more of this complex, intense and sweet scent. The fruitiness brings up the color of the sun. 

Your guests will leave your sauna with a warm, joyful and intense sensation.

Gourmand Delight

  • Round 1: Smoke of the Mayan
  • Round 2: Coriander EO
  • Round 3: Blood Orange EO 

Let’s create a lush, celebratory gourmand scent. This scent combination will drape around you like a warm blanket. 

Smoke of the Mayans sets the tone with Copal, Cacao, Ginger, Cardamom and Cinnamon. It opens our heart and soul to enjoy lavish treats. 

Coriander builds the bridge between fruity, herbal and citrussy. The perfect transition to the fresh, mysterious and yet complex  Blood Orange twist. 

Your guests will feel energized, empowered and joyful. And probably ready for some dessert. 

As a nice extra, serve them a spicy Ginger Infusion after the session. 

Body & Hair treatment

Luscious Scrub 

  • 1 cup of Dark Cane Sugar
  • ½ cup of Sweet Almond Oil 
  • Add a tablespoon of powdered (ground) rosemary.
  • Finish with Scotch Pine Hydrosol 

If you want to make it extra luxurious, add some honey drizzle and orange zest. 

Gently scrub in a circular motion to bathe in a luxury scent and leave your skin silky smooth. 

Hair Treatment

Pamper your clients from head to toe with a nice finishing hair mask. 


  • 50 ml of Argan oil
  • 5 drops of Rosemary essential oil 

Make sure your essential oil is nicely mixed with the argan oil. Let your guests comb through their hair with oily hands and make sure they have every part covered. Let it rest while they exfoliate with your Luscious scrub. Invite your guests to shower and wash their hair gently. A rinse with cool water is a benefit for the hair.  

Finish by spraying a cloud of Rosemary hydrosol on their hair. 

  • Argan oil hydrates, nourishes and protects your hair from external damage. 

  • Rosemary hydrosol, herb and essential oil is the perfect tonic for any hair type. It will improve the condition of your hair and leave a nice shiny finish.

Enjoy the coziest season of the year! 
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