As the leading expert in delivering holistic sauna experiences,
LoylyMasters takes immense pride in championing the integration
and use of essential oils in saunas to create meaningful
experiences over the last 10 years.

By offering practical education, easy-to-use wellness tools and
pure, quality products, we aim to promote a naturally healthy
environment with indulging fragrances that leave a lasting sense
of wellness that becomes a part of the everyday lives of its clients.

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Aufguss & Steam room Rituals

for Guests

» Natural experiences
» Health & well-being support
» Seasonal support
» Variety in sessions
» Well-being tips for home

for Employees

» Natural products to work with
» New inspiration and motivation
» Education and growth
» Step by step integration
» Easy-to-use system
» Ready-made sessions
» Professional support

for Company

» Natural, healthy and professional image
» New marketing tools
» Attract new customers
» Improve customer loyalty
» Distinguish yourself from competition
» Additional revenue in paid sessions
and after sales upsells
» Create a healthy environment for both staff & guests
» Become a well-being center

Natural Products

Over 100 natural and
organically certified
essential oils for aufguss
Resins and herbs for
smoke rituals
Herbal teas
Carrier oils, floral water, dried herbs
and clays for natural treatments
Natural steam
bath infusion

Foundational Training

LoylyMasters Essentials
Online Course
Basic 2 hour online introduction

» What are essential oils
» Effects on the human body
» Correct and safe use
» Working with the charts

Working with Essential
Oils in Sauna  
2-day in-house course

» What are essential oils
» Effects on the human body
» Creating aufguss, storytelling and safety advice
» Harmonised blending

Extended Training

Sauna Total Experience course

Creating a Total Experience
in Sauna
2-day in-house course

  • Product knowledge
  • Combining senses with essential oils, scrubs, whisks, tonics and teas
  • Creating aufguss, storytelling and
    safety advice
Steam room Rituals course

Steam Room Rituals
2-day in-house course

  • Creating natural scrubs and their usage
  • Various steam and sauna treatments
  • Experience with using clay, honey and hydrolats
Smoke Rituals

Smoke Rituals

  • What are smoke rituals
  • Health and smoke
  • Product knowledge
  • Method and safe use
  • Creating smoke rituals, storytelling & using the chart
  • Practice in sauna

Support & Inspiration

Intuitive labelling

  • Colour-coded labels to provide a harmonised fragrance experience
  • Note and strength for dosage
  • QR code to scan in our app for all information

Posters and charts 

A graphic overview of the key knowledge to work safely and inspired with Aromen's natural products.

Loylymasters Aufguss App 

With product scanner, essential oils
information, aufguss creator and a database of more than 100 aufguss sessions.

The Aromen Step-by-step plan to natural wellness

Step 1.
Step 1: Start Package
  • Start package with 32 essential oils
  • Start chart & Dosage Poster
  • Customer License Key for Aromen Wellness App
  • 20 premade aufguss sessions
  • Working with essential oils Basics online course (1hour) for every MoA
  • Personal advice

950€ ex VAT

Step 2.
Step 2: Expansion Program
  • 2-day in-house Training:
  • Level 1: Working with essential oils in sauna
  • Level 2: Multisensory Experiences in sauna
  • Smoke rituals (L1 & L2)
  • Steam room rituals
  • Extended Licence key per training
  • Usage Chart per training
  • Access to the LoylyMasters Exchange Group
  • Personal advice

1800€ per In-house Training
excl. VAT, travel and overnight costs for trainer

Step 3.
Step 3: Start Package
  • LoylyMasters Essentials Online Course (2h)
    for every new MoA (3x per year)
  • 2day in-house course of choice (1x per year)
  • Train-the-inhouse-Trainer 2 day Course for aufguss
    manager (1x per 2 years)
  • 10 pre-made seasonal aufguss sessions (4x per year)
  • Full License key to Aromen App
  • Reference on + Marketing on Aromen
  • Event Calendar
  • Access to Marketing material
  • Aromen Experience Center Certificate

2200€ / year
excl. VAT, travel and overnight costs for trainer

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