About Aromen

Our History

Aromen Aromatherapy is a dynamic Belgian family company founded in 2012 by two friends sharing the same passion for Aufguss. While Martijn and Jurgen travelled to many spas, competing and meeting the most interesting people, their love for Aufguss grew stronger. 

They wanted to contribute to the aufguss community by focusing on the one unexplored field: working with scents. Together they created an innovative Natural Wellness Concept. 

Their passion for wellness and essential oils lead to cooperation with numerous excellent wellness centres worldwide, applying aromatherapy to benefit Natural well-being. 

More than 1000 wellness therapists were trained to create healthy, natural, sensory experiences. 

Thanks to the enthusiastic drive of the entire Aromen Team we were able to grow and expand our good reputation. We are committed and happy to keep sharing our passion for Natural well-being.

Aromen Quality Products


Loylymasters specialises in quality products products for professional saunamasters. From scent till tool, we provide a wide range for the ultimate aufguss experience.

Aromen Training


We provide theoretical and practical training for new saunamasters on international championship level. We guide individuals or wellnesscenters so it is possible for them in the end to give professional sessions that distinguish them from other centers and become respected Loylymasters.

Aromen App


Our information platform provides the neccessary tools for their aufgussmasters to guide them in creating new, professional and innovative sauna rituals.

Our Vision

We believe wellness centers impact the physical and emotional wellbeing of clients in their everyday life. That’s why we inspire you with authentic & contemporary rituals and select the purest natural products to work with. Together we plant the seeds so people continue the wellness journey at home. 

We believe in finding health by reconnecting to natural experiences. Spread happiness and inspire people to take better care of themselves by showing them day to day simple rituals to find their spark. 

We believe in nature and its power to heal both mind and body.

We believe in a strong community where we share knowledge and experience to lift each other up.

Aromen Experience Centers   Aromen Natural Wellness   Aromen Rituals

Our Mission

Experience the world within you.

Easy accessible

To make wellbeing accessible to everyone by creating unique sensory rituals using the highest quality natural products.


To guide clients through an immersive experience based on science and cultural traditions and to empower them to make wellbeing a lifestyle choice.


To ensure the client’s wellbeing journey is founded on the highest standards of products and care, is supported with passion and commitment, and is guided with professional knowledge and innovation.

Martijn Vanhoorelbeke
General Manager

  • Innovator & Entrepreneur
  • Herbalist
  • Aromatherapist
  • Instructor for the Cron4 School for Aufgussmasters
  • Jury President and praesidium member of Aufguss WM 
  • Board member for Sauna Herbal Cup
Aromen_teammembers_Jurgen De Meester

Jurgen De Meester
Co-founder & Industrial Engineer

  • Industrial Engineer Chemistry
  • Product developer for taste and scent
  • Food innovator
  • Qualified Aufguss Master
  • President of the Belgian Saunamaster Association

Marc Vanhoorelbeke
Administration & Chief Accountant

  • Padre Familias
  • Administration Wizzard
  • Accountant
  • Silent force behind the daily functioning of Aromen
  • Inspirator

Joke Vanhoorelbeke
Administration & Warehouse Manager

  • Administration wonder
  • The master in following up on your orders 
  • Keeps track of the Secret Chamber of Oils
  • Sunshine of Aromen
  • Creative decorator

HST_Aromen_teammembers_Felix Reschke

Felix Reschke
Consultant & Education

  • Experienced trainer in essential oils, herbs, smoke rituals & loylymaster skillset
  • German ambassador & inspirator 
  • Interpreter Extraordinaire

Benoit De Bock
Consultant & Education

  • Swiss ambassador of Aromen
  • Master of Ritual 
  • Experienced trainer in essential oils, herbs, smoke rituals & Authentic Latvian Pirts

Eveline Temmerman
Consultant & Education

  • Master Herbalist
  • Consultant & Education
  • Unfiltered limitless well of knowledge

Brecht Helsmoortel
Creative Director & Designer

  • Creative Director
  • Designer
  • Photographer 
  • Aromen’s Eagle Eye for art & branding

Inge Declerck
Warehouse Clerk

  • Tornado of the warehouse
  • Meticulous in packing & sending your precious orders

Annabel Van Slembrouck
Digital Consultant

  • Full-fledged e-commerce consultant
  • Digital Marketeer 
  • Fierce go-getter of the world

Steve Lewis
Sports Physician & Aromen Fact Checker

  • Sports physician 
  • Master in Sports and Exercise Medicine 
  • Fact checker for Aromen

Aromen founded by Martijn & Jurgen

Launch of the iconic ‘Working with essential oils in sauna’ Course 


Moving the company from a garage to our first location at the Pittemstraat in Meulebeke.


Train-The-Trainer: 12 Aufgussmasters are trained to spread the Aromen philosophy.


Launch Herbal Treatments course

Officially organic certified by Certisys


Launch Smoke rituals in Sauna

Launch Level 2: total experience in sauna course


Expansion! Moving our company to our current location at the Drieslaan in Gullegem.

Launch Hammam Experience


Expansion to Canada & USA


Launch GreenSpace


Launch Signature massage


Expansion to Japan

Launch MasterClass Experience